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Arcade games


Follow James Bond 007, the world famous spy, in his fight against the Specter organization in this ball machine developed by Stern Pinball.

Fulfill your duty as a secret agent in the service of Her Majesty alongside 007 in this interactive adventure. 

Go in search of gadgets developed by the "Q" section and explore the game board to achieve the objectives of your mission. Be cool and daring during your passage through the chemical complex of Osato, during your battle in the American launch base or even during your ejection from the roof of the Aston Martin!

james bond pinball machine

Pinball: James Bond 007

Profitez de la musique de Foo Fighters comme vous ne l’avez jamais fait auparavant dans cette machine à billes élaborée par Stern Pinball.

Découvrez ou redécouvrez la musique du groupe de hard rock américain Foo Fighters avec cette nouvelle création du spécialiste des flippers, Stern Pinball. Le groupe de Dave Grohl, Pat Smear, Nate Mendel, Chris Shiflett et Rami Jaffee, fondé en 1994, a su se faire une place dans le cœur des fans de rock. Les efforts fournis tout au long de leur carrière ont d’ailleurs été récompensés en 2021 avec leur entrée dans le Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Prenez garde à l’extraterrestre Overlord et mettez un frein à son désir d’effacer le rock ! À vous d’exploiter votre agilité et vos réflexes pour réussir les multiples missions qui vous attendent. Embarquez à bord du van de tournée, choisissez votre destination et venez à bout des obstacles qui vous barrent la route. Le tout en musique avec près de trente ans de carrière réunis dans ce flipper grâce à cette sélection de 15 titres : Something from Nothing, Breakout, Everlong, The Pretender, All My Life, Best of You, Holding Poison, I’ll Stick Around, Learn to Fly, Monkey Wrench, Run, This is a Call, Times Like These, Walk et My Hero.

Flipper Foo fighter

Pinball: Foo Fighters

Arcade cabinet: Mario VS Sonic

Arcade terminal

Plug in. play! one take is enough

Faithful to the period arcade terminal that made us vibrate. this new arcade terminal meets all the requirements of new technologies but retains its vintage 80s design to blend in elegantly with your interior.

Do you want to dive back into the video games of the 80s? With Hangar Games, find all the good memories spent on arcade terminals! Arcade machine lover you will have the choice with the 3000 games offered.

Vdarts darts


Our Darts Vdarts is a connected professional darts game that will allow you to challenge opponents around the world.

Thanks to its large touch screen, its RGB LED target and its Vintage design, it offers you great navigation comfort as well as an extraordinary gaming experience.

Entirely made in France, this top-of-the-range arcade terminal is equipped with a Vdarts H4L pro target, a reference for darts enthusiasts, as well as a connected shielded touch screen. The design of the bollard is elegant and vintage.

Players can access various game modes, detailed statistics and online challenges. The darts are equipped with motion sensors for high accuracy and accurate scores.

With its design, its advanced features and its impeccable manufacturing quality, it is the ideal darts terminal for all darts enthusiasts, whether beginners or experienced.

Foosball (Stella)


Table football is a game table invented in the 1930s. A must-have in cafés, it has been a real success. The Baby Foot Stella Champion is a model that has made the reputation of the French brand, it is still on sale today and this for the happiness of all.

The Foosball Stella Champion initially designed for cafes has evolved a lot in terms of design, it retains the same playing characteristics and its manufacture always remains of the same quality.

This table football has remained faithful to its quality manufacture, in MDF wood,  which is extremely robust. 

Up to you !

Billiards Blackball Elite

The Blackball Elite pool table has a motto "the elegance of the game combined with the perfection of the design".  With its smooth surface and huggable pockets, every stroke becomes a magical dance of precision. Whether you're a green carpet ace or an intrepid beginner, this billiard table will propel you into a world where every shot is an exciting adventure. So get ready to break ranks and land some sensational shots, because Blackball Elite turns every game into an epic gaming experience!


New games coming soon!

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